frequently asked questions

Are Pretzelwiches nut free?
Although some of our flavors are nut free, pretzelwiches are produced in a kitchen
containing nuts so cross contamination can occur.

Are Gluten Free Pretzelwiches produced in a gluten free kitchen?
No, our gluten free products are made in the same facility gluten products. Although
every effort is made to prevent cross contamination, it may occur.

Is Pretzelwich Kosher?
No, we are not certified Kosher.

Is there an ingredient list?
Yes, You can find our ingredients listed on out website on the ingredient page.

Where are Pretzwich products made?
All our products are made in a facility in NYC.

Should I refrigerate Pretzelwiches?
Pretzelwiches can be enjoyed cold or at room temperature. They taste great both ways!
They should be refrigerated to preserve freshness.