We Started

You can only bake so many cakes and cookies before it gets a bit stale, and I like the
challenge of pulling a few items from the pantry and making something that’s a hit with the
family. So, I tried sandwiching marshmallow between a couple pretzels, dipped them in
some melted chocolate, and added some sprinkles for good measure. The kids loved it. So
did their friends, our family, and everyone else who tasted them.

The Pretzelwiches never got old, so I tried out other kinds — strawberry flavors, brownies
instead of marshmallows, different toppings — crushed cereal adds some serious crisp! I
started to get “orders” from friends and coworkers, and it’s been so much fun making them
that we started Pretzelwich NYC.

Ever since, we’ve been packing up our snack sandwiches and shipping them all over the
country. There’s just something about that perfect mix of sweet and salty that makes your
mouth water every time.